Tudors and Stuarts

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The Tudors were a dinasty that reigned in the 15th century, between 1485 to 1603 in England and Wales. During their reign the country underwent many changes on the social and economic aspects. on population growth, trade, farming, the exploration of new lands, employment and food supply. As regards the social aspects, the British Isles began to recover after the effects of the Black Death. Till this period, England had been underpopulated, but after the epidemics, it began to recover slowly.

The number of inhabitants increased due to new possibilities of making high profits from trading and agriculture in the new pre-industrial areas. People that used to lived on farming and cattle raising moved to those urbans areas because they were considered profitable places. Urban people began trading with entrepeneurs and merchants who came from the New World and East Indies and who invested in voyages of exploration to Turkey, Russia and Africa. Merchants were ambitious about trading new luxurious goods and urban people longed for new ways of increasing their profits. The trading activity resulted in many people living in city areas, the building of new places for lodging and the discovery of new raw materials for more production.

Population was growing as fast as consumption of goods and services. Everybody was working hard to improve their standards of living. Urban people had been suffering since the beginning of Black Death and they wanted a change in life. So, they worked long hours in no matter what conditions. Apart from that, farming activity changed its goal. It was no longer an activity done with the family for the sake of surviving. Pasture lands were converted as sources of earning more money to go beyond the scope of the city they lived in.

However, the result of people coming and going from rural areas to urban areas and viceversa...
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