Tropical Grasslands

Topics: Tropics, Precipitation, Tropical rainforest Pages: 3 (612 words) Published: June 27, 2013
This is grassland with scattered individual trees. They cover almost half the surface of Africa*(about % million sq. miles generally central Africa) and large areas of Australia, South America and India. REGIONAL CLIMATE

The climate is warm and hot
Rainfall is about 50.8 to 127 cm annually.
The soil is porous with rapid water drainage.
Contains a thin layer of humus.
Rhodes grass and red oat grass, in East Africa Star grasses and lemon grass is common. Deciduous trees and shrubs are scattered across the open landscape. SUBSTRATES DISTURBANCE
In the dry season, seasonal fires are experienced.
Violent thunderstorms followed by a strong dry wind indicate the beginning of dry season. FAUNA
Giraffes, zebras, mice, moles, snakes, worms, termites, lions, hyenas and elephants. * TEMPERATE STEPPES
Global distribution pattern.
Veldts of South Africa
Pampas of Argentina
Steppes of former Soviet Union
Puszta of Hungary
Prairies of central North Africa
Have hot summers and cold winters.
Rainfall is moderate (50.8 to 88.9 cm annually)
Temperate range 38 degrees Celsius to as low as -40 degrees. * SOIL ORDERS
It is deep and dark with fertile upper layers.
It is rich in nutrients.
Grasses e.g. purple needle grass, blue grama, buffalo grass. Flowers; sunflowers, goldenrods, clovers and coneflowers.
Gazelles, zebras, wild horses, badgers, quails, hawks and owls. * CORNIFEROUS FOREST
Global distribution pattern.
In the broad belt of Eurasia and North America.
Very low temperature
Precipitation is mainly in the form of snow (40-100cm) annually Canopy permits low light penetration.
Soil is thin, nutrient-poor and acidic.
* Fauna
Woodpeckers, hawks, moose, bear, weasel, lynx.
Substrate disturbance
Current logging in of these forests may soon cause disappearance....
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