Travel and Tourism

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BTEC National Award (Level 3) in Travel and Tourism

Student Name: Teacher: Mrs van Niekerk|

Date assignment issued: 21/01/2013 Final Completion Date: 03/05/2013| Welcome to your third assignment for BTEC Travel and Tourism. In order to make sure that you complete the unit on time and meet all your deadlines, you will find that the assignment is broken down into key tasks.

Each task will start with the part of the grading criteria that the task relates to, example P1, P2. It will finish with a deadline for the task to be completed.


The Travel and Tourism industry is dynamic, exciting and provides a challenging working environment.

This unit will provide you with the opportunity to explore tourism in the UK. It will build on the knowledge you already have about the UK, and introduce you to key tourism products and customers.

You will learn how to use reference materials so that you can locate key destinations, gateways and geographical features. You will study the factors that contribute to the appeal of destinations, including the natural appeal, the location and access and the attractions to be found in a destination.

You will also explore the different needs of domestic and inbound tourists and how the UK travel and tourism industry meets those needs.

After completing this unit you should be able to achieve the following outcomes:

1. Be able to use sources of reference to provide information on UK destinations; 2. Know the location of the main UK gateways, tourist destinations and geographical features; 3. Understand the appeal of UK destinations;

4. Understand the needs of UK domestic and inbound tourism markets and the ways in which the UK meets those needs; 5. Understand key trends and factors affecting the UK inbound and domestic tourism markets.

You will have plenty of opportunities to get feedback on the quality of your work and whether it meets the grading criteria, but it is really important that you stick to the given deadlines for each task otherwise it makes giving feedback difficult!

Task 1(b) : Know the location of the main UK gateways, tourist destinations and geographical features.

Working onP1| Your Scenario:DCMS has a new minister of Tourism. You and your colleagues at visit Britain are surprised at the appointment as the Minister has no experience of the Tourism Industry.To help the Minister prepare for an introductory speech in front of the cabinet, you have to prepare a clear presentation to help him understand the issues essential for a grounding in the work of attracting incoming (inbound) and domestic tourists. Your Task:Produce a map or series of maps which show the Minister where our important gateways, tourist destinations and geographical features are.You must include: * All capital cities * Six coastal resorts * Six historical or cultural cities or towns * Six islands * Six lakes * Six National Parks * Six rivers * Six mountain ranges or upland areas * Six major airports * Six seaports.Presentation:Evaluate your research and data collected and present your information in the form of a map/ serious of maps with explanatory notes.Guidance note:You will have to include all the information requested to achieve P2 so please make sure your information is accurate and complete.. | Deadline for map/ series of maps:1/02/13|

Task 1 (c): Understand the appeal of UK destinations.
Working on P2| Still assisting the minister, add another section to your presentation.Your Task:Prepare a presentation for the minister to assist him in understanding: * what attracts inbound and domestic tourists to the UK; * Describe the needs of inbound and domestic visitors to the UK destinations; * keep a record (bibliography) of the resources you used to prepare for the...
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