Internal and External Factors Affecting Uk as a Destination

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Internal and external factors
Within travel and tourism inbound and domestic tourism are frequently changing, there are many internal and external factors which have a major impact and contribute to these changes. In this assignment I am going to analyse 3 internal and 3 external factors which affect the travel and tourism industry. Internal

Strength of the pound
Depending on how strong the UK pound is determines how well the country’s economy is; if the pound is strong this means the country is doing well and vice versa. However this also has an effect on the number of people that visit the UK, a strong pound actually deters overseas visitors due to them receiving fewer pounds when exchanging their own money as one UK pound is worth more than one of their currency. 2010 Exchange rates 25/11/10
When the pound is weak this means the country’s economy is doing badly. For example, during the recent recession in 2008, although visitor numbers fell, the amount of money spent was increased from an average of £487 per visit in 2007 to £554 per visit in 2009, this is due to tourists receiving more English pounds when exchanging their money meaning they have more money to spend during their stay.

This has an impact on the Travel and Tourism industry; as the pound has become weaker this has resulted in overseas visitors being able to spend more money when they come to the UK and has lead to an increase in the average spends per visit, overall benefiting a number of sectors in the travel and tourism industry such as; transport, accommodation and attractions as tourist are putting more money into the UK economy.

Visit Britain research, explains that the UK is an expensive country for many overseas visitors to visit, particularly from Europe’s new economies such as the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Estonia. Book one 3rd edition – Unit 3 – 24/11/10

The UK is one of the best connected countries for overseas tourism, with hundreds of air routes, sea routes and also the more recent Channel Tunnel rail service bringing tourists from Europe into the UK which gives the country a great infrastructure for international tourism, the country also has a modern public transport network which is also suitable for people with specific needs such as mobility problems and is distributed throughout the UK due to the Disability Discrimination Act which came into power in 2004. The excellent public network routes give visiting tourists the opportunity to easily travel around the country and get to the specific destinations that they desire to visit. The accessibility to the UK has impacted on visitor numbers and the frequency of people visiting, as it is easy for people to travel leading to people travelling more often. The growth of low cost airlines and low transatlantic fares have been a major contributor to the accessibility in the UK offering people more flights for a low price, also new countries joining the EU and the emerge of new markets such as China and India will generate more visitors as air travel agreements between the countries and the UK come into action. Health, safety and security within the UK

The UK is known as one of the safest countries in the world for tourists to visit as the country has a very strict health, safety and security legislation; this was particularly due to other terrorist events around the world such starting from the 9/11terrorist attack in America in 2001 and also the more recent 7/7 London bombings 2005, which lead to increased security measures at railway stations across the country. Although these security measures can cause extra delays, many travellers will be willing to sacrifice this in order to have a safer journey. Such terrorist events have the effect of temporarily deterring visitors from visiting a destination as they are worried for their own safety this is because many tourists tend to behave differently when they are holidaying, people who...
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