Theories of Communication

Topics: Cognition, Communication, Cognitive dissonance Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Theories of communication
My understanding of Argyles communication cycle is an idea occurs, and then a message is sent through verbal or non-verbal communication to another person. The message is then received and decoded; then an idea occurs meaning the cycle is repeated forming a conversation. For effective communication to occur the cycle needs to be repeated continuously with no interruptions- also known as barriers. An example of a barrier in the cycle is when the message is sent, if the person receiving the message cannot hear then the cycle breaks down and effective communication will not occur. The cycle can be interrupted in any part; in order for barriers to be overcome intervention needs to take place for example, signing to a deaf person. Some examples of the cycle breaking down in a health and social care setting are if someone’s had a stroke and are trying to communicate with their carer but their words are slurred. The carer receives the message but doesn’t understand it meaning the cycle had broken down from the very beginning- message sent. The cycle can be interrupted at message received, an example of this is at my placement when the teacher is trying to talk to a child, but the class are being too noisy, they shake a rattle in order for everyone to be quiet, meaning the message can be received. However, the children are being too noisy therefore the message being sent from the teacher to the child can’t be decoded properly as the whole message isn’t being received which also means the message isn’t understood. As well as that example interrupting the cycle at message received, it also interrupts at message decoded and message understood. My understanding of conversational studies is that it suggests that meaning within conversation is created between speakers and hearers through dialogue and negotiation. I know that Grice proposed that conversations are organised around a number of unspoken rules, which are: 1. Make your contribution as...
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