Teaching Plan for Pain Management

Topics: Pain, Nursing care plan, Prescription drug Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: April 15, 2013

SUPPORTIVEDATA---------------------------- Subjective: Pt states “my pain is still at 8/10, is my medication working?”

Objective: 1. DX-UTI & possible urosepsis, Hip Fracture and fall during not a candidate for surgery, CHF

2.Buck’s traction applied
3. Assessment: Limited mobility, SOB, confusion, does not want to get out of bed due to pain & fear of falling, 4. Meds: Hydrocodone 7.5 mg/acetaminophen 325mg 1 to 2 tab PO, PRN for pain Tylenol 650 mg 2 PO, PRN for pain| NURSINGDIAGNOSIS------------------------------ Knowledge deficit for pain management r/t lack of follow up with instructions| PATIENT GOALS/OUTCOME CRITERIA-------------------------------- Patient will have knowledge of pain mgmt

A.E.B:Stg: 1. Verbalizes use and dosing of pain medication 2. Verbalizes pain relief lover than 4/10 in 30-60 min after intervention 3. Demonstrates use of non medication pain mgmt solutions by end of shift Ltg: 1. Verbalizes how often can get pain medications

2. Verbalizes ability to do ADL with pain below 6/10 by D/C| NURSINGACTIONS 1. Assess knowledge of current pain medications/does/time/use 2. Instruct on how often to take pain medications

3. Instruct of pain meds if pain level is above 4/10
4.Teach reason for keeping pain below 4/10
5.Instruct on taking Tylenol 650 mg before activity/ADL
6.Teach on different strategies for pain relief including positioning, activity, imagery 7.Instruct on schedule for all pain meds in hospital and on D/COBSERVATIONS/CONCLUSIONS0800-patient not accepting paint...
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