Development of Child and Young Person from Birth to 19 Years of Age.

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Development of child and young person from birth to 19 years of age.

0-3 months
Ÿ Head circumference increases approximately 2cm per month, then will increases 1.5 cm per month until four months.
Ÿ Increases are important as they indicate brain growth.
Ÿ Skin remains sensitive and easily irritated.
Ÿ Cries with tears.
Ÿ Eyes begin moving together in unison.
Ÿ Gums are red.
Motor development
Ÿ Swallowing reflex and tongue movements are immature, inability to move to the back of the mouth.
Ÿ Grasp reflex.
Ÿ Movements are large and jerky.
Ÿ Raises head and upper arms when laid on the front.
Ÿ Turns head side to side when laid on the back.
Ÿ Upper body parts are more active

3-6 Months
Ÿ Teeth may begin to appear.
Ÿ Legs may appear to be bowed.
Ÿ Baby fat will appear on upper legs arms and neck.
Ÿ True aye colour will develop.
Motor development
Ÿ Blinking and sucking action are well developed.
Ÿ Picks ups objects using pincer grasp.
Ÿ Reaches for abject using both hands and learns to pass objects back and two between hands.
Ÿ Able to hold own bottle to drink.
Ÿ Can pull self into crawling position and rock.
Ÿ Cannot understand no or danger
Ÿ Plays peekaboo.

6-9 Months
Ÿ More teeth will start to appear.
Ÿ Arms and hands are more developed than feet and legs (cephalocaudal development) hands appear large in proportion to other body parts.
Ÿ Legs may continue to appear bowed.
Ÿ Baby fat will still appear on the legs and arms.
Ÿ Both eyes should appear to work in unison.
Ÿ Should be able to see distant objects.
Motor development
Ÿ Reaches with one hand leading to grasp an offered object or toy and can manipulate on object transferring from one hand to another.
Ÿ Beginning to pull self into standing position on furniture, has good balance at sitting and will shuffle them self around, creeps on hands and crawls up and down stairs, may be able to walk with adult support.
Ÿ Responds to hearing tests..
Ÿ Recognizes objects in reverse order.

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