Tea Case Study

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ANJALI DAS: 9724922889| anjalidas13@micamail.in
SANKETA KAPSE: 9725013788| sanketa13@micamil.in
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Brand Name: Cutting Chai
Tagline: Brewing Reminiscences
Since the theme of the tea house is Nostalgia, we intend to make every customer relate to his or her life's reminiscences once they set foot into “Cutting Chai” tea house. DESIGN A PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY

The promotion strategies that we would adopt are:
* India is famous for its grand celebration of festivals. These festivals are the heart and soul of the country. Of these, Uttarayan or Kite flying is one that stands tall. The fascination associated with kite flying cuts across age groups, class and communities. Due to this, manufacturing of kites is a serious business. It attracts big names of the corporate world as kites provide for the most cost-effective opportunity for branding. Keeping this aspect in mind, we intend to manufacture kites representing our brand logo and theme. This will go a long way in establishing our brand presence and creating consumer mind space. Also, manufacturing kites could serve as an additional source of income which can then be used for further expansion of the tea chain. This similar strategy can be applied to various other festivals.

* For the purpose of selling, we intend to create our own stalls, which are to be decorated in a manner that incorporates the festive mood of the people. The stalls could be located at malls, at open spaces where foot traffic is high, even outside cinema halls and in public parks. The agenda is to choose places which are frequently visited. In this way, people would be able to buy kites in their leisure time while they are moving around and having a good time with their families. Using kites as a medium of promotion, will serve the purpose of attracting consumers at the initial stage while fulfilling our main focus of establishing the presence of Cutting Chai.

* Selected products from our range at “Cutting Chai” would be available at the stalls for tasting, which would spread the word and popularize our products. Through this, our aim is to reposition tea, from a drink that is had once or twice in a day to a beverage that is considered more of a juice, a health drink or as a supplement to cold drinks, more as a thirst quencher.

* Music is the language of the heart. It is something that instantly connects to every single person irrespective of their age, class, social status, gender, etc. This is precisely why our promotional strategy is a musical. We plan on facilitating a tie up with a local musical band and a team of amateur video makers who might not be very well established but who have a good fan base on the internet and social media. This musical band and video makers can help us come up with an excellent musical video that would revolve around the theme ‘I love tea’ with visuals that complement the setting of the tea house which is ‘nostalgia’. At the end of this video, the “Cutting chai” tea house’s logo can be mentioned along with the address and catchy lines like, ‘Revive your love for tea, come to Cutting Chai’. This music video can then be shared on YouTube and all social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc for massive publicity online.

* Furthermore to make our online presence felt at a larger level, we aim at creating a special page for ‘Cutting Chai’ with exclusive pictures of the tea house and also details of the menu and special varieties that we serve. Also provide various coupons and combo offers through this page. This page can then be largely advertised on various other pages like Cityshore on facebook that promote various restaurants and eateries. PRINT MEDIA

We aim...
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