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Topics: Playing card, Average, Arithmetic mean Pages: 6 (1153 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Lesson plan
Subject:MathematicsGrade : 9
Sub topic:tally chart and frequencyDuration: 25 minutes
No. Of students:18Date:22 September 2013

Lesson objectives:
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
Construct tally charts
Construct frequency tables
Find mode by drawing a frequency table

Prior knowledge:
All the students are expected to know:
What is mean, median and mode
Find mean, median and mode by using data.
4 set of Play cards (for starter activity)
Power Point Presentation (to show the activity and explanation) White board and markers (to explain how to construct tally charts and a frequency table) Activity sheets (group work)
Score chart
Picture to use in the planery

Assessment:making them to do questions assesses students and asking questions orally at the beginning and at the end of the lesson

TimeTeacher’s activityStudent’s activity
Starter (5 minutes)
0.5 min


4 min

Greet students by saying “Assalaamu Alaikum”
Get the attention of the students.

Tell the students that they are going to form groups
Students can form groups according to their wish

Ask the students to form 4 groups
Students will be working in groups
Teacher will distribute a set of play cards and scoring sheet to each group. Card game is pack of cards from ace to 10. Ace counts as one. Deal 7 cards each. ( without Jokers, Kings, Queens and Jacks) •There will be three rounds. In each round students will get 7 cards. (Appendix 1) •Round one is mode. Whatever value cards are your mode, you get those points. If you get no mode, you get no points. If you have two modes, add the numbers together, to a max score of 10. So if I got dealt to 6s and two 8s I would have 6 and 8 as my mode. I add them together, but because the total is higherthan10 ,I just score 10 •Students will get 3 min time to do this activity

Check how students are doing their calculations by visiting to groups while they are on the task. Remind them when left with one minute.
Ask whether they are able to recall how to find the mean mode and median. Tell them that today we will be learning how to construct frequency tables using tally marks.Greet back saying “Wa’ Alaikum Salaam” Pay attention

Listen carefully and pay attention

Form groups and gets settled

Receive the play cards and select a group leader.

Listen carefully and pay attention

Ask and clarify the doubts if any

Start doing laying the game
Group leader will shuffle and distribute 7 cards and write the scores for individuals

Listen carefully and pay attention

Main body (15 minutes)


1 min


1 minNow start explain how tally marks are used and give them an example how the tally marks are drawn and start explaining how to draw a frequency table using an example using the power point presentation. While doing the example tell students that total number of tally is the frequency. Give students the instruction that now we are going to do an activity that is an individual task. Distribute the sheet to individual students ( Appendix 2)

Tell them that to image that they all are in front of Ameenee building and they have to fill the tally marks on the colour of cars that passed by for 1 minute. There will be two times they have to practice to put the tally marks. Each time they will get 1 minute. From the tally they have to fill the frequency table and they need to find the mode according to the colour. Tell them to practice the tally marks according to the cars passing on the road which will be shown on the presentation. And they have to count the tally and prepare frequency table as well. Now the frequency table will be ready and tell them to find the...
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