Survey Report of Hobby

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Group 2 .
Survey report of hobby.
1.A survey of Hobby was carried out in all students form four Ikhlas to find out what they routine life, how often they do these hobby and the reasons for doing so. A questionnaire was distributed to the students whereby they had to tick their choices. 2.Based on the results of the survey, it was found that surfing internet is the most popular hobby with 50% of the respondents choosing it. This is followed by sports (21%), Reading book/Novel (20%) and Shopping (9%). 3.Most of the respondents do their hobby everydays (40%) same percentages as they made it on once a week and the least number of respondents doing hobby thrice a week (7%). Another 13% of respondents doing hobbys twice a week. 4.When asked why they doing that kind of hobby, the respondents answered that they did so for enjoyments (60%), to release tension (20%), for getting many information (15%) and to find some experience (5%). 5.When asked again where did they do this hobby, most of respondents answered that they did it at home (80%), at field (15%), at shopping mall (5%) and no responded for doing at cooking tuition. 6.As can be seen from the data above, most of the respondents doing they hobby just for enjoyments of they day life only at home after long of studying in school, whereas the smallest number of respondents doing they hobby for find experience. That was a smallest percent of respondents that realized doing hobby are to find experience. The percentage of students who does hobby for enjoyment were the highest. Respondents in two mores categories does hobby mainly just for reduce tension and learnt more information. 7.The results show the respondents propensity towards doing hobby at home rather than do at outside home. Most respondents doing hobby everydays and sometimes once a week and their reasons for this are to reduce tension, to relax and to enjoy themselves as well as to make friends.
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