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Project Management
Summary Chapter 4 and 5

A project charter is an article that contains specific information or data in order to authorize the project by the approval of stakeholders. This document needs to be including all the needs and expectations of the stakeholders in order for them to improve them. When the charter is approved the project is initiated and the project manager needs to be appointed. A charter needs to include main information about the project that needs to be clear and easily understood.

It also has to include why this project is needed and what’s the opportunity and treats that will be faced. There has to be a brief summary of the specific products and services that the company is offering. When the charter is being authorized, it has to be someone external that has power and can genuinely authorize your project. Once the charter is signed the charter needs to be given to the suitable project stakeholder. The project needs the project initiator or sponsor who will provide a fund for the project. The charter inputs are factors that the charter needs to include.

The statement of work, which is a document, that is an explanation of the products and services that will be produced by the project. There are two types internal and external statements of work. The internal one provides the sponsors and the initiator data like the needs and the requirements of the products and services. For the external one provides data for external parties like customers. The statement of work has three references business needs, product scope description, and strategic plan. Business needs might be created using the market demand or government regulations. The product scope description, this should include the characteristics of the products or services offered and the business needs. The strategic plan includes the strategic goals that the project is aiming to achieve.

The business cape or the business case is a document that provides data from a business point of view to show whether a business is worthy of the investment or fund that the sponsors are willing to give. It should include the business needs and the cost benefit analysis. The Market demand, organizational needs, customer request, technological advance, ecological impacts, social needs and the legal requirements all need to be included in the business case. Contacts also are needed in the inputs of the charter “A contract is an input if the projects is being done for an external customer”. Enterprise environment factors, these factors should contain government standards, organization infrastructure, and marketplace conditions.

Lastly, the organizational process assets which can affect the develop project charter procedure has policies, standards of the association. Temples and historical data and knowledge bases also should be included.

Expert judgment used to help the inputs that are used to make the project charter. This type of process needs particular skills that consultants, technical or experts are needed. People like stakeholders or industry groups also would help because their expert judgment is needed. The outputs “ The project charter documents the business needs, customers needs and the products needs” in order to satisfy them in areas of the project purpose, displaying the objective of the project, the achievements that will be accomplished, the detailed requirements, the project descriptions, the risk of the project and the budgets of the project. They also have to include all the requirements approvals, the assigned project manager, and the name of the authority parties.

Project management plan is the procedure of making all the necessary actions to “define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all subsidiary plans.” Monitor and control project work, all the reports need to be prepared by the project team they need to include major information such as the current status of the project, the...
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