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Topics: People's Republic of China, Pollution, United States Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: June 24, 2013
CWAII summary and hypothesis(part 1)
The Chinese government is currently the center of some very negative media criticism. This criticism comes as a result of the rising industrialization of the major cities in this vast country, and the exponential population growth seen by it. However, the negative attention China is receiving has been viewed as unfair and misplaced by many specialists around the globe. The Chinese pollutant emissions at this time, although greatly higher than most countries worldwide, are very comparable to those of western super powers during their time of growth and industrialization. Other areas of the world, such as India Pakistan, and Bangladesh, as well as other less known regions, have much higher pollution levels, with no signs of any preventative measures, or those of these pollution rates decreasing. This negative attention is deemed as a way to contain the threat of China rising to rival the super powers of the world, and its new policy of transparency is making it a very easy target for such media. This text indicates the unfair treatment of the Chinese government when it comes to its pollution rates, in spite of its exponential rate of industrialization, and its rise to a first world status country. Any country undergoing such a growth is bound to have a relatively high pollution rate. The treatment of western more advanced nations to any threat from other developing countries is very negative and unforgiving. They should look at their process to reach their current status before passing judgment on others.
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