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The old man who read love stories
* Lives in: El Idilio
* Antonio: left Mountains with his betroved wife, Delores to help colonize Amazonian jungle, Dolores dies 2 years after they begin to live in the jungle. * Government fails to meet their promises proposed to the couple. * Antonio remains in the jungle for over 40 years.

* Opening scene: “A kiss to remember their lives by”-him reading love story, having trouble. * Thinking about “passionate” kissing. Dolores never kissed him, a girl he screws (tribal) doesn’t kiss him either. * Remembers kiss with Josefina

* Introduction of mayor
* Introduction of Rubicondo

* Antonio remembers: bitten by a snake and tribal people save him “the gods have accepted you Antonio Bolivar, few are bitten ever survive, although you are not one of us, we welcome you”

* Man is found dead by tribal people, mayor blames tribal people but Antonio recognizes that it was a jaguar avenging the death of her cubs that were killed by the gringo (white man). Antonio convinces the mayor to let the tribal people go and that it was a jaguar.

* Antonio remembers voting for “slimy toad” (the mayor), man asks if he can read and dispite the mayor portraying him as the underdog Antonio reads a few words. Mayor practically forces him to vote for him. * “I am too old for the jungle but at least I can read”

* Remembers first time he sees Josefina
* Questions book “lovers of the forgotten garden”-still is able to think deeply about things

* Another dead man, casualty of the jaguar
* Discussing Josefina with slimy toad, mayor says she’s good servant “making him abit of money on the side” but she is “getting ideas, upsetting the natural order of things” * Rubicondo’s quite the womanizer

* “a man who reads love stories and admits it, is less of a fool than a man who beats his wife thinking she loves it”

* Jaguar fatally wounds mule.
* When Mayor...
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