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The poem ‘The Jaguar’ written by Ted Hughes describes the lifestyles of animals at a zoo and their different attitudes to entrapment in their cage. It compares the bored, lazy moods of the animals to the lively, adventurous mood of the jaguar, which does not see this confinement as a way of stopping him behaving as if it were in its natural environment. The poet’s clever use of techniques such as similes and metaphors clearly puts an image in our minds of the animal’s ways of life and gives an accurate...

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The Jaguar by Ted Hughes Commentary

The poem ‘‘The Jaguar’’ is written by the former British Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes. It is written in the third person perspective, describing the animal’s attitudes in the zoo. The speaker of the poem is unknown, but one could assume that Ted Hughes is the speaker himself. The poem describes the lifestyle of animals at the zoo and their different attitudes towards their entrapment in their cage, and tributes the majesty of the Jaguar. It compares the bored and lazy moods of animals, to the energetic...

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Analysis of Ted Hughes' "The Jaguar"

Ted Hughes’ poem ‘The jaguar’ describes a group of animals living in a zoo, caged and sedentary, being stared at by onlookers, as well as one animal in particular: the jaguar. In this poem, we see how certain animals have let their cage define them, and have grown into almost inanimate objects whereas the panther, symbol of power and greatness, has not let itself be confined to the realm of his cage and instead uses his vision, his mind, to escape the entrapment. Hughes paints an extremely vivid...

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The Jaguar

The Jaguar 1. It implies that the apes admire their fleas and are to lazy tp do anything about them, where as you would think that they would want rid of the fleas because they would surely be bothered by them. 2.The simile gives me a dramatic picture of the parrots as by saying 'shriek as if they were on fire' gives me the image of the being very load and frantic. 3.The figure of speech in line three is a simile and suggests to me that the parrots were flaunting themselves 'like cheap tarts'...

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What does the Jaguar represent in Ted Hughes's poem "TheJaguar"?

into life. He exposes human follies, anger, and hatred through the animal kingdom. His themes are explored by means of image, myth and symbol. The Jaguar is a poem about a fierce animal from the image of which Ted Hughes unearths something about human nature. On the surface, the poem is an animal poem which reminds us of the wrath and violence of the Jaguar. It is a symbolic poem about an animal which is fiercely energetic. Here the poet reveals his thoughts through a sight of a zoo. The animals like...

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The Jaguar

Poetry Reading Assignment: By referring to The Early Purges by Seamus Heaney and The Jaguar by Ted Hughes, show how well you feel the poet has described his experiences. Refer to the ways in which he brought these experiences to life for you and explain what made them memorable. Introduction: In The Early Purges by Seamus Heaney, the poet is remembering a childhood experience. It deals with the necessary killing of farmyard pests, telling us why they must be killed in order to run an effective...

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Jaguar's Critical Analysis

"The Jaguar" is about a trip that Hughes made to the zoo. In the poem, he describes the animals in a zoo and their behaviour. It compares the apes, parrots, tiger, lion and a boa constrictor to the jaguar, which is an animal that lives differently to the others in the way that it views its life. The poem begins by describing the apes 'yawning' and 'adoring their fleas', and the fact that they are in the sun adds to the sleepy air. I think this line was deliberately chosen to convey the monotonous...

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History of panthera onca

to utilize every vegetation type (Seymour 1989). Within their habitats, jaguars will use dens, especially when rearing young; adults that are not breeding will also create dens inside of caves (Seymour 1989). The species seems very versatile in its living arrangements and how it is able to adapt to the environment. Diet P. onca also has a varying diet, perhaps due to the fact that the habitats differ. Most jaguars are solely carnivorous while some will eat grass; avocados have been recorded...

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This following report will show you the classifications and information of the Jaguar, Tiger Shark, Earth Worm, Red Wood, and Killer Whale.<table border="1"><tr>Category</td><td>Jaguar</td><td>Tiger Shark</td><td>Earth Worm</td><td>Red Wood</td><td>Killer Whale.</td></tr><tr>Kingdom-</td><td>Animalia</td><td>Animalia</td><td>Animalia </td><td>Plantae</td><td>Animalia. </td></tr><tr>Phylum-</td><td>Chordata</td><td>Chordata</td><td>Annelida</td><td>Embryophyta</td><td>Chordata</td></tr><tr>Class-...

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ever survive, although you are not one of us, we welcome you” * Man is found dead by tribal people, mayor blames tribal people but Antonio recognizes that it was a jaguar avenging the death of her cubs that were killed by the gringo (white man). Antonio convinces the mayor to let the tribal people go and that it was a jaguar. * Antonio remembers voting for “slimy toad” (the mayor), man asks if he can read and dispite the mayor portraying him as the underdog Antonio reads a few words. Mayor...

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