Strategy Comparison of 4 Airline Companies

Topics: Airline, US Airways, Southwest Airlines Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Target market
SW: low-cost airline; short-haul flights (US); offers about 3,400 daily flights to 78 destinations in 39 states RYN: low-cost airline; short-haul flights(Europe); offers over 1,500 scheduled short-haul flights per day serving approximately 160 airports. SIA: full-service airline; international travel, flies to 62 international destinations in 35 countries on six continents from its primary hub in Singapore. KFA: full-service - adding low-cost model(Kingfisher Red) during poor financial health - go back to full-service; 63 domestic destinations within India (reduced to 25); also launched airlines into international circuits without realizing the profits in domestic arena.

Ryanair: alternative airports for major cities and servicing airports in small cities reduced landing fees and efficient operations. SW: small airports closer to major cities; also began to enter to primary airports. SIA: major international airports. KFA: moved to expensive new terminals in Delhi and Mumbai.

Route structure
Ryanair: discourages connections, and will not accommodate passengers who book two separate tickets and miss their second flight due to a delay; operates most routes just a few times a week. SW: mostly runs point-to-point service, but has hub-like operations in several airports; operates most routes at least daily SIA: hub-and-spoke KFA: hub-and-spoke; removing KFR on some cost sensitive routes - shifting passengers to other low-cost airlines instead of KFA.

Seats assignments
Ryanair: preferred seats can be reserved with an extra fee. SW: no seating assignments, first come first choose; no need to adjust the entire seating arragement and issue new boarding passes SIA: Seats can be reserved online; an additional fee is occurred for the seats with more legroom. KFA: seats can be reserved online free of charge.

Ryanair: one class of service; seats are small - seat pitch 30 inches; the interior decor is worn and drabby; no...
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