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Topics: Reliability, Arithmetic mean, Self number Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: September 23, 2013

As a class, CFMM 601 combined surveys that questioned over 400 people’s opinions and choices about food consumption, healthy eating habits, and taste over health preferences, etc. After each student completed their allotted number of surveys, the data was entered into SPSS and combined by the instructor for further analysis. After coding, renaming variables, and running frequencies, we were asked to write a descriptive report on our findings. Once all of the data was compiled, there were 461 total participants in the survey. Even though 13 people didn’t offer their gender, there were 170 males (36.9%) and 277 females (60.1%) who completed the survey. In regards to ethnicity and race, there were approximately 451 people who answered this question. There were 250 peopled who labeled themselves as white and 185 people who classified themselves as African American or Black. There were 5 Latinos, 9 Asians / Pacific Islanders, and 2 people labeled themselves as a part of an other ethnicity.

After running the frequencies in SPSS, each of the variable were separated into 3 categories. These categories were used to determine various levels (High, Medium, and Low) amongst the surveys for their respectful areas based on the mean. By definition, the mean is the average of the set questioned. When determining the mean of the age, I simply computed the mean in SPSS after determining the age of each participant. The mean or average of the set of participants is 32 years old. The youngest participant was approximately 13 years old and the oldest being 77 years old. Another interesting observation is that on average the participants of the survey complete 8 hours of school work during the average week and 29 hours a week at work.

The survey responses that were collected were very reliable according to the concept of Cronbach’s Alpha. Cronbach’s Alpha is used to determine reliability for a group in statistics. When using this model with the assignment, these are some...
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