Software Engineering Outline

Topics: Software engineering, Software development process, Software development Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: October 29, 2012
University of Gujrat
Faculty of CS & IT
Course outline for BS (CS&IT)

Title| Software Engineering-I|
Code| CS-321|
Credit Hours| Theory/week:Weight3 Cr. Hrs.Lectures2Duration1.5 Hrs| Instructor| Saliha Zahoor|
Office| B Block Room# :B208 2nd Floor|
Prerequisite| Programming fundamental, Object Oriented Programming| Category| Core -Computer Science|
Aims and Objectives| Aim: Application of software engineering practices to the development of software in information system development domain where professionalism, quality, schedule, and cost are important in producing an information system. Objectives: * To understand the importance and need of information system software engineering * To discuss different software development models appropriate for the development and maintenance of software products * To introduce the basic project management concepts for the development of a high-quality product * To impart comprehensive knowledge regarding software development lifecycle * To demonstrate, with justification, an appropriate set of tools to support the development of a range of software projects * Hands on Training for CASE Tools and testing tools.| Learning Outcomes| At the completion of this course, students will be able to * The students will recognize the scope, importance and need of software engineering to cope with the modern trends in software industry * The students will have the knowledge of all phases of software life cycle including the artifacts that are produced * The students will be proficient enough to analyze, evaluate and apply a set of CASE tools * The term project will enable the students to implement the software engineering concepts in a disciplined way, to compete the local and international market * Develop information systems in a disciplined way, to meet their educational and professional requirements. *...
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