Cybercrime in United Arab Emirates

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Research Papers

2004 – Mobility Conference

2003 – 4th National ECE Conference

Connecting a Nokia® 7650 to Bayanihan Linux v2.0
Using Commercial Bluetooth Enablers

Emmanuel Balintec Janice Ballesteros Mabeth Borres
Anne Margrette Caccam Billy Pucyutan Francis Noel Reyes

Abstract: BluetoothTM is a wireless technology standard for the interconnection of electronic devices in the personal space. It was originally developed as a cable replacement technology and later on evolved into a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). This paper discusses the implementation, setup, and testing processes involved in connecting a Nokia 7650 mobile phone to a computer running ASTI's Bayanihan Linux v2.0 (BLv2.0), which has built-in BlueZ (the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack). The application used to interface these devices was developed over one of the layers of the BluetoothTM protocol stack, the Radio Frequency Communication (RFCOMM) layer. RFCOMM is a simple transport protocol, which provides emulation of the RS232 serial ports over the Logical Link Controller and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP). The setup was tested with four different commercial BluetoothTM enablers.

2003 – First Humanoid, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Communication and Control Environment and Management (HNICEM) International Conference




The Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) is trying to support the Philippine software industry by addressing the lack of original software development. An iterative approach using Object-Oriented Real-time Techniques (OORT) was used entirely during the whole software development process. This paper goes through the Software Engineering Process (SEP), step by step, describing how the Bluetooth™ system was modeled using this approach. The Bluetooth™ system was an aggressive pioneering venture in original systems software development; a first and crucial step in proving that the Philippines is not only capable in software customization but also in advanced software development.

2003 – 2nd National E-learning Conference

E-learning in the Philippines through the Use of

Affordable, High-Quality, and Custom-Designed Development Tools

Anne Margrette Q. Caccam (Advanced Science & Technology Institute) Emmanuel P. Balintec, Janice M. Ballesteros, Mabeth M. Borres, Bienvenido H. Galang Jr., and Billy S. Pucyutan


The 2nd National E-learning Conference defines e-learning as:

“technologically-supported learning, which includes the use of electronic media such as the Internet, personal computers, phone bridging, audio and videotape, video teleconferencing, satellite broadcast, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and other related technologies to enhance teaching and learning.” (

The above definition denotes a better meaning of e-learning because it acknowledges other technological tools, aside from the usual association with the Internet or web-based applications since it is common knowledge that there is only a small number of Filipinos who have access to the Internet and its services.

This paper talks about the authors’ efforts to contribute to the field of e-learning by providing an alternative tool, which is the BlueZ Bluetooth™ module - an affordable, high-quality, and custom-designed development tool. This paper focuses its discussion on two major items: the e-learning tool, and the strategic activities that highlighted the experience of two students who benefited from this e-learning tool.

Using the BlueZ Bluetooth™ module in the Bayanihan Linux...
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