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Topics: Sociology, Symbolic interactionism, Social class Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: January 30, 2014
1.) Trace the historical development of sociology from its beginning in the 19th century to its growth as an academic discipline. Include in your explanation the factors contributing to the emergence of sociology.

Sociology became an area of academic interest in the 19th century Europe and specifically on France, Germany and Britain. Sociology developed due to the dramatic social changes taking place at the time. For example, there was industrialization, urbanization and population increases. All of a sudden, there was a dramatic influx of people moving from the country side searching for jobs, because there we’re now new factories made and more jobs available. Also, due to the natural cause of population increase. The increase in population concerned scholars such as Thomas Malthus. He was wondering if Europe cities could cope with such a thing. But later realized that with the French Revolution taking place, there would be a change in population causing massive social changes, such as development of cities, urban life and the greater impacts of technology for the lives of other individuals.

2.) A major difference between the three theoretical perspectives in sociology is the level of analysis. Identify the focus of each and explain how theorists from each would explain a social process.

CONFLICT THEORY: There are 4 C’s that conflict theory is based upon. The conflict theory also explores symbolic interactionism which expresses the daily social interaction amongst individuals. Also, looks at macro and micro sociology which describes looking at the big picture and defining details by using microsociology. Conflict – this factor always exists in all societies

Class – this factor has remained in every society (Karl Marx) Contestation – functions can best be contested by asking “who does this function best serve?”  Change – society will or should be changed

Feminist Theory: Feminism involves correcting centuries of discrimination and male...
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