Sociology Ch 1 Notes

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Sociology = A science. The 'social' matters and our lives are affected by our place in the social world.  
3 Characteristics of Sociology 
A science NOT common sense 
Systematic – Uses the systematic scientific method 
Interested in group behavior and trends – On a larger scale than the individual

2 Categories of Research 
Micro – Focuses upon the interaction of individuals in groups  Macro – Focuses upon institutions in society and the global – Looks for patterns

Theoretical Perspectives 
Are a Result of the collection and analysis of data from a variety of sources such as:  Interviews 
They are models that allow us to generalize and make predictions

Students Need To Be Objective When Studying Sociology 
Do not be subjective 
We all have a belief system that can be a problem when studying sociology  Remove the "I"

Social Control = the social mechanisms that regulate people's actions - Studied through 3 paradigms: Functionalism
Conflict Theory
Symbolic Interactionism
A paradigm is a theoretical framework through which scientists study the world.  
Founders of the Discipline of Sociology 
Auguste Comte (1798-1859) - Wanted to build better societies  Recognized 2 equal yet opposing forces in society: Social Statics (Tries to keep things the same) & Social Dynamics (force for change & conflict)  Founders Continued:-

Herbert Spencer-Social Darwinism
Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) 
First social researcher to carry out an investigation using a large scale collection of data & wanted sociology to be more scientific Ideas and values are the driving force of change in society (Comte also shared this view)  Structural effects = The social structure could influence human behavior  Social Solidarity = The bonds that unite society - Shared beliefs   These are important for society to operate harmoniously

Collective Conscience = A group's common values, goals,...
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