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Topics: Rape, War rape, Sociology Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Cheye Anderson
“Riding the Bull at Gilley’s”
Sociology 204
Instructor: Y. Iwasa


In the beginning of this article it describes on how rape became. The cause is “medicalized” a social problem. The two sociologists interviewed a sample of men who had been sent to prison for rape. The men talked about their motives on why they committed these violent acts. An assumption is that male sexual aggression is unusual or strange. The feminist perspective views rape as an act of violence and social control to “keep women in their place.” They also view pornography as an important element in a larger system of sexual violence. Many convicted rapists justify their rapes by saying that their victim enjoyed herself despite the use of a weapon. Many argued, they had been instrumental in making her fantasy come true. A rapist might see his act as a legitimized form of revenge or punishment. Some of the men said that they raped their wives or other significant women to get even with them. Men believe they have the right to punish and discipline women. Rape is used “to put women in their place.” Men take out their anger issues on women to feel more powerful and know that someone is less than them. Indeed a number of men indicated that the decision to rape has been made after they realized they were in control of the situation. One man explained, “Rape gave me power to do what I wanted to do without feeling I had to please a partner or respond to a partner.” In conclusion all these men justify their crimes as being in control and getting even with women. They felt like having committed rape was fine and didn’t have a conscience.

Sociological concepts

Diana Scully and Joseph Marolla developed the hypnotists that rape is like most human behavior. This means that some men learned to think of rape as appropriate behavior. These men raped for many reasons. Blow off steam over problems they are having. To get sex, to feel powerful, to hurt women, form...
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