Simple Past vs Past Progressive

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Simple Past vs. Past Progressive Exercise

I. Put in the verbs in brackets in the Simple Past or the Past Progressive into the gaps.

Example: I ________ my keys while I ________ to school. (to lose) (to walk)

Answer: I lost my keys while I was walking to school.

1) While I ____________, the school bus _____________. (to text) (to arrive)

2) Cindy ____________ her leg while she _____________. (to break) (to snowboard)

3) He __________ to the radio while he ____________breakfast. (to listen) (to prepare)

4) My father _________ at 70 km/h when a policeman ________ him. (to drive) (to stop)

5) The girl _________ that the boy __________ her. (to notice) (to watch)

6) My dad ________the ladder while he __________ the carport. (to fall off) (to paint)

7) While we ___________, we ___________ crossword puzzles. (to wait) (to do)

8) Nick __________ sick while he ____________ in Texas. (to become) (to travel)

9) What __________ when you ___________about 9/11? (to do) (to hear)

10) She said that she _________happy, so I ___________to her. (not/to feel) (to talk)

II. Put the following sentences in the correct tense, Simple Past or Past Continuous.

1. George (fall) off the ladder while he (paint) the ceiling.

___________________________________________________________________________ 2. George (fall) off the ladder while he (paint) the ceiling.

___________________________________________________________________________ 3. Ann (wait) for me at home when I (arrive) yesterday.

___________________________________________________________________________ 4. Tim (take) a photograph of me while I (not /look).

___________________________________________________________________________ 5. What (you/do) at this time yesterday'

___________________________________________________________________________ 6. I (see) Carol at the party. She (wear) a really beautiful dress....
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