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Topics: Management, Self-awareness, Evaluation Pages: 8 (5336 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Personal Development Self Evaluation HIGHER The Scottish Qualifications Authority regularly reviews the arrangements for National Qualifications. Users of all NQ support materials, whether published by Learning and Teaching Scotland or others, are reminded that it is their responsibility to check that the support materials correspond to the requirements of the current arrangements. Acknowledgement Learning and Teaching Scotland gratefully acknowledges this contribution to the National Qualifications support programme for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Learning and Teaching Scotland 2008 This resource may be reproduced in whole or in part for educational purposes by educational establishments in Scotland provided that no profit accrues at any stage. Contents Introduction4 Self evaluation technique Johari Window7 Self evaluation technique SWOT Analysis14 Self evaluation technique Force Field Analysis21 Appendices28 Introduction These sample staff materials on self evaluation have been prepared to support the delivery of the Self Awareness (H), Self and Work (H) and Self in Society (H) units that make up the Personal Development course at Higher. These materials consist of tutors notes that describe different self evaluation techniques with exemplars of how these might be implemented with students an appendix containing photocopiable student response sheets a bank of sample student information sheets relating to the units. These staff materials should be used in conjunction with the Arrangements document for Personal Development (Higher). Particular reference should be made to the relevant contents tables of the Higher course specification and the requirements of the units. Self evaluation techniques are not only fundamental in supporting the assessment for the Personal Development (Higher) Course, they are also key to developing knowledge and understanding across the four purposes within Curriculum for Excellence, which aims to enable all young people to become Successful learners Confident individuals Responsible citizens Effective learners. Assessment of qualities, feelings, task management and interpersonal skills can help young people to realise individual talents and make appropriate choices to meet their individual interest and needs. The importance of self evaluation is also reflected within the ten principles that underpin Assessment is for Learning, specifically in relation to developing independent learners who are self-reflective and are able to identify next steps in learning. Learners learn best when they understand clearly what they are trying to learn, and what is expected of them are given feedback about the quality of their work, and what they can do to make it better are given advice about how to go about making improvements are fully involved in deciding what needs to be done next and who can give them help if they need it. The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning and in using the techniques described later this role moves from directive to non-directive supervision. Self evaluation Self evaluation, within the context of the Personal Development (Higher) Course, can be described as the process of critically reviewing the quality of ones self. This should be based on evidence and ones own criteria in order to further develop understanding of ones skills, qualities and feelings. Positive self evaluation encourages young people to commit more fully to the learning process and self-reflection on outcomes has positive effects on self confidence. However, it should be noted that a low self evaluation may lead to a number of factors, including unrealistic personal targets, which can negatively affect intended outcomes. Before embarking on self evaluation techniques students should have the opportunity to develop and practise their communication skills. Activities to support this technique could include trust games questionnaires scaling techniques mind maps think, pair and...
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