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Before you read the READ ME, make sure you read the WELCOME file, it is for people who have first seen my scripts.

Thanks for reading this READ ME, you will learn a lot of things before you start the scripts.

To install, place the Creeper folder from Sniffums' Scripts > Friendly > Creeper, into your minecraft > resources > mobTalker_script > Friendly folder.

If there is a Creeper folder in there you do not wish to replace, please back it up, if you don't care at all, replace the folder, and you are free to start the campaign.

In the scripts you will see some text the have the parenthesis' (P), these means it is a product, (C), this sign is exactly the same like any other sign, it means whatever I place it next to is already copyrighted, and is not my work.

=========================================================================== BACK STORY (NOT SPOILER)

Your character is based on a copyrighted character. You are what is known to be called a Hunter. For more information, click on a link that sends you to a wiki below.

The Hunter is a character for a game series called Left 4 Dead, owned by Valve Corporation.

Your name is whatever you minecraft username is.
Birthday is May 3rd. You have a hobby of researching anything your curious.

You grew up with your parents and your friends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . Your mother is an absolute crack addict, while your father died to cancer when you were a child.

Your friends are resembled figures that are also owned by Valve, a smoker whom you hung out with the most, a boomer whom you played video games with, and the tank who you did fighting on the streets, earning money, getting chased by bigger dudes, and selling crack.

As you felt things were going swell, an infection started to spread down in Flordia, as months passed, an evacuation was starting to proceed with states on the West...
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