Lord Of The Flies Annotations

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Lord of the Flies

Jack Key Quotations I
◦ “ we can’t eat them” this is about the candle buds, the fact that jack says he cannot eat them shows that he doesn’t care as they are not useful to him and he has no appreciation for beauty or his natural surroundings as apposed to Simons response. Shows the selfish nature that he has already, in a way he could be practical in this sense they are useless to us. A quality of a leader, he is decisive. His language is very assertive. ◦ “we’ll have rules… then when anyone breaks ‘em…” ironic at the beginning of the novel he is the one saying that people should have rules but in the end he is the one that ends up breaking them. He is the one that wants to establish the rules as he is thinking about scaring people and having power over people if they break those rules. He is trying to rule by fear, he is a dictator, a tyrant leader. He doesn’t want rules for the benefit of living in a civilised society he just wants the power. ◦ “the conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain” he will not admit to having broken the rule he is the one in absolute control of the rules for his own means further demonstrating his likeness to a dictator. He changes the rules when he wants to break them. Hypocritical that he is the first one to break the walls. He is driven by a different agenda, jack wants to have power and his own gain. ◦ “dog- like, uncomfortably on all fours” comparing him to an animal, dogs hunt and he is a hunter, he resembles an animal showing that he is no longer human like. He is uncomfortable he similar to when he couldn’t kill the pig and bring the knife down, showing he isn’t completely comfortable in the role of a hunter, animal. He is still partly governed by society and civilisation. Moving way from being human like. A dog is a domestic animal he is still linked back to society,

Jack Key Quotations II
◦ “The chief’s blush was hidden by the white and red clay” this image is used to show he is masked by the clay but you are still able to see the human embarrassment underneath Golding uses this to demonstrate his decent into savagery. White and Red, colour of purity and danger it is the fight on the inside where he is battling with his decent and also the external battle between good and evil.

◦ “we’ll hunt it down! We’ll close in and beat and beat and beat-” he provides them with the sense of the collective which the little-uns latch on to as they are all as one, the repetition really conveys the level of power that he will have, also conveys the sense of excitement he feels and maybe a sense of being carried away foreshadowing of the death of Simon when the boys get carried away. Conveys safety to the rest of the boys, he offers them a place of safety and security.

◦ “authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape” the fact that authority is being likened to an ape shows that authority in jacks mind should be aggressive and powerful. Monkeys and apes mimic each other, the connection between jack and the microcosm of the world at large he learns his level of authority from the outside world and what he has witnessed, the cowboys and Indians, the way that Britain was presented to young children. The fact that he is taking his advice from an animal makes him more animal like. The lexical choice of chattered suggests that there are an unlimited ideas that he can do with his power and the ideas are just flowing. He is comfortable with his position and his role and chattered is good and friendly. Chattered isn’t intellectual as he is a tyrannical leader it is just ideas of what he can do with his power.

Jack Key Quotations III
◦ “ painted and garlanded… like an idol” resembles what tribes do to their gods, the fact that they treat jack like this demonstrates that the others attribute him as a leader, the way his face is painted and he has garlands everyone believes in the existence of his power. Could be worshiping him out of fear, as there is...
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