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Topics: Minimum wage, Wage, Employment Pages: 8 (1742 words) Published: February 25, 2013
(University of the City of Manila)
Intramuros, Manila

Course Title: School Personnel Administration
Professor:Dr. Virginia N. Santos
Discussant: Mr. Gabriel A. Alina
Topic:Wage Payment Plan and Salary Policies and Administration


1. Present the different salary policies and administration 2. Evaluate the different elements of Wage and Salary program. 3. Discuss the effects and present examples of each salary program. 4. Present and evaluate the different wage payment plan prevalent in the Philippines. [pic]


A salary program that is well-conceived, basically simple, well administered and controlled, and effectively explained to the employees is important in establishing good employee-employer relations. Without such a program, the determination of pay rates will be a hit-and-miss affair. Decisions are bound to be haphazard and this situation often generates employee unrest, dissatisfaction, and turn-over.

Elements of a Formal Wage and Salary Program

|Technique Used |Objective of Technique | | | | |Company Policy |To provide guidance to operating managers | |Job Analysis |To gather and determine job facts, the backbone of job evaluation. | |Job Description/Specification |To record job facts, duties, responsibilities and working conditions | | |and job requirements. | |Job Evaluation |To determine relative job worth | |Job Grading |To classify evaluated jobs into pay grades or pay classes. This series| | |of pay grades is called the job classification plan. | |Job Pricing |To translate relative job worth into money values | |Wage and Salary Survey |TO determine the wages and salaries of comparable jobs in other firms.| |Wage and Salary Structure |To provide a specific rate schedule of all jobs in the company. | |Merit Plans |To reward employees for better performance on the job. | |Incentive Plan |To reward employees for higher production. | |Fringe Benefits |To provide supplemental compensation as added incentives. | |Administrative procedures and practices |To resolve individual problems, keep the program current and operating| | |efficiently, and provide general guidance to supervisors and managers.| |Communications |To give supervisors and mangers the information they need to know in | | |order to carry out the program and to gain acceptance of the program. | |Controls |TO ensure reasonably consistent and current application of the...

References: De Castro, Herald, Personnel Management, Phoenix Publishing Corporation.
Leveriza, Jose P., Personnel Administration in the Government, National Bookstore
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