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Topics: Pharmaceutical industry, Strategic management, Sanofi-Aventis Pages: 25 (6995 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Strategic Management Report (Spring 2012) MAN405F
Submitted To: Sir Abdul Qadir Molvi
Submitted By:
Mehmood Shekhani

INtroduction to sanofi Sanofi pakistan5
External Factor Evaluation19
Competitive Profile Matrix (C.P.M)21
Financial Trends22
Value Chain Analysis29
Support activities32
Core Competencies34
Strategic Cost Management Process36
Internal Factor Evaluation37
TOWS Matrix40
Grand Strategy Matrix42
Internal External (IE) Matrix43
The QSPM Matrix44

Executive Summary
This report focuses of the strategic analysis of the performance of Sanofi.

Sanofi a global name in the pharmaceutical industry holds the 5th position in the Pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. Sanofi Sanofi works on seven major therapeutic areas; namely: Cardiovascular, Thrombosis, Oncology, Central Nervous System, Metabolic Disorders, Internal Medicine and Vaccines. The report involves understanding of external environmental factors and its impact on the business. The study will look into the strength and weakness of the company in relation to external environment to determine competitive strategic position. It analyzes the current strategy of Sanofi and investigates its short comings. Corrective action and future strategy for Sanofi is also recommended based on its competitive position in the market and its internal activities. The tools used for external environment and industry analysis includes pest analysis, porters 5 force model, SWOT analysis, tows matrix, external factor evaluation, competitive position matrix. The tools used for analysis of internal environment include internal factor evaluation, SPACE matrix, and value chain analysis. Furthermore we have used grand strategy matrix, IE matrix, QSPM to formulate the strategic options for Sanofi.


* Brief explanation about the scope of operations and the environment at Sanofi.

* Analysis of the past and present strategy adopted by Sanofi.

* Devising a future strategy based on the internal and external factors by using various strategic management tools.

INtroduction to sanofi Sanofi pakistan

To become a diversified healthcare leader, focused on patients’ needs * Valued by patients & healthcare providers
* Sought-after as an employer
* Respected by the scientific community & our competitors Mission STATEMENT
Our core strategy is to:
* Create value by rapidly launching and successfully marketing innovative pharmaceuticals that satisfy unmet medical needs in large patient populations. * Focus commercial resources on strategic brands to drive sales growth and maximize the value of existing and new global brands. * Aggressively recruit and retain top talent, enhancing our capabilities in drug innovation and commercialization.


Sanofi-Sanofi focuses its activities on 7 major therapeutic areas 1. Cardiovascular
2. Thrombosis
3. Oncology
4. Central nervous system
5. Metabolic disorders
6. Internal medicine
7. Vaccines

Field Force
The expansion of our field force over the last few quarters as per our plans has increase our customers network both in terms of calls on number of doctors and placing our stocks at retail outlets, We now call on over 25000 doctors; about 3 times the number of doctors on our customer list till very recently. The total numbers of permanent employees, at the end of 2010 were 829. The increase of over 100 persons in our field force since December 2009 has been partially offset by a reduction in the headcount of various support services. Our field-force comprises over 80% of our non-manufacturing related employees, which gives an indication of our strong headcount controls in non-sales functions. Regular training for newly...

Annual Report of Sanofi 2011
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