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Samsung's social media strategy

Recently, the famous South Korean manufacturer Samsung has created a buzz with a "selfie" picture taken during the Oscars by a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with several Hollywood celebrities. This picture had been posted on Twitter, a famous online social networking, by the Oscars host Ellen De Generes and then retweetted more than two millions times, a record. This phenomenon had a large impact on both product and the company. However it turns out that this event had been completely planned by Samsung and it was not an unintentional advertisement. This was one of the best marketing operation of the year for Samsung. They combined the increasing popularity of the "selfie" phenomenon, which is the word for a photo of oneself usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online, and a worldwide event watched by millions of people around the world, the Oscars. Furthermore this ceremony was the perfect events because it was broadcasted and gathered in one place the most prestigious celebrities.

Indeed big companies are accustomed to do products placement in movies, series and now with personalities in order to show the product and advertise it so people can easily related the product and the brand with it. This picture was exactly the case of a product placement. Samsung is one of a biggest sponsor of the Oscars and had a partnership with the TV network ABC which was airing the show. Therefore Samsung offers its devices and smartphones to personalities during the broadcast and even trained the host on how to use it. Moreover the backstage of the show shows that Samsung placed a camera with which people can take pictures of themselves and post it online. During the whole show, Samsung's devices were always presented to the public. Some audiences even received Samsung's smartphones. Not only this advertisement shows the name of the company but also its new phablet (between phone and tablet) which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launched...
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