Samsung Galaxy Ad Analysis

Topics: IPhone, IPod Touch, Smartphone Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Samsung Galaxy – “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”
We live in an era that has become dominated and controlled by technology. This same technology is advancing at breakneck speeds to improve the lives of the many people in the world. Families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors all share relationships with each other and keep in touch in various ways. The invention of the smartphone changed the way people connect with not just each other, but the world around them. The evolution of the design and functions of this type of technology has made it so that our smartphones are becoming extensions of ourselves and a status symbol to those around us. Gone are the days of missing a call because someone was not home to answer their landline telephone or the days of using a paper map to plan a road trip. These days all you need to stay relevant and connected is the latest, greatest, fastest, and most innovative smartphone. Samsung released an advertisement using logos, ethos, and pathos for their smartphone, the Galaxy SIII, to convince consumers that “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here,” by highlighting superior qualities and features of a new device that is already obtainable and suggesting that users of other smartphones are outdated and uninformed. Samsung begins their television advertisement by showing a lengthy line of people in Chicago waiting outside of a store for the unveiling of a device suggested to be the new Apple iPhone 5. The large visual advertisements hanging in the windows of the store have “It’s coming” displayed on them. The consumers waiting begin to converse about the hype and rumored features of the new phone. Humor is used when one of the male consumers in line states, “The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom,” and then proceeds to act out an expression to signify that his “mind had been blown.” He speaks and acts as if moving the placement of the headphone jack is an incredible feature of the new phone. In the following scene, a...
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