Topics: Sampling, Sample size, Nonprobability sampling Pages: 4 (1065 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology Nagtahan, Sampaloc, Manila
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Subject:Seminar in Project Development, Industrial Planning Design, Implementation and Evaluation Professor:Dr. Elidio T. Acibar
Reporter:Evelyn L. Embate

Measuring a small portion of something and then making a general statement about the whole thing. Advantages of sampling
Sampling makes possible the study of a large, heterogeneous population It is almost impossible to reach the whole population to be studied. Thus, sampling makes possible this kind of study because in sampling only a small portion of the population may be involved in the study, enabling the researcher to reach all through this small portion of the population. * Sampling is for economy

A research without sampling may be too costly. For an instance if you are to take the whole population, it will take you an expensive cost because of the number of questionnaire copies. * Sampling is for speed

A research without sampling might be too time consuming. If a research takes a long time to finish, there may be many intervening factors that deter the researcher from finishing his research. * Sampling is for accuracy

A time too long to cover the whole study population, may ne inaccurate. By the time the last person is interviewed, the data gathered from the first interviewees may be obsolete already so that the conclusions are no longer accurate. It is important that the research must be finished within a reasonable period of time so that the data are still true, valid, and reliable. Sampling saves the sources of data from being all consumed

The act of gathering data may consume all the sources of information without sampling.

Sampling Concepts and Terminology
* Element
The unit about which information is collected and which provides the basis of analysis. They are the members of the...
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