SAE Programs for FFA

Topics: Agriculture, Agricultural economics, Agricultural marketing Pages: 4 (551 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Intro to Ag Notes: (SAE Program)

SAE are a great way to get classroom credit, and FFA awards for doing things like exploring careers, earning money and having fun. An SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience)is a practical application of classroom concepts designed to provide “real world” experience and develop skills in agriculturally related career areas. A program consist of planned activities conducted outside of class time designed to gain hands-on experience and develop skills in agricultural career areas that interest you. Rewards:

-provides an opportunity
-allows students to gain experience
-earn money
-improve communication skills
-develop management skills
-earn FFA proficiency awards and advance degree
experiencing “big picture” of agriculture and its many related careers. Research/Experimentation-
You conduct researd using the scientific process. A science-based industry and there are limitless opportunities for research-based SAEs. Placement-
You work for someone, either pay for the experience. SAE is located in agribusiness, school labs, farms and ranches or in community facilities. Ownership-
Make your own business, has to be a agricultural related business producing and marketing livestock, crops, nursery plants or forest products, lawn care. Processing products, repair, design or fabricating. Supplementary Activities-

a specific skill learned outside of normal class time that is involved with agriculture skills and knowledge. Improvement Activities-
a series of learning activities that improve that efficiency, value, use or appearance of the place of employment, home, school or community. Agricultural Clusters:

Animal behavior
Agricultural Aviator
Pet shop owner

Management & Financial Careers:

Agricultural Consultant
Agricultural Economist
Agricultural Extension Agent
Agricultural Educator
Agricultural Loan Officer
Farm Appraiser
International Agriculture...
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