Research Proposal: The challenges international students from Africa face when participating in high education in Australia.

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Research Proposal:
The challenges international students from Africa face when participating in high education in Australia. 1 Introduction
As globalization has opened up more opportunities and convenience of migration of the population from one to another country, there are challenges and complexity of the migration which international students have to face, especially for the international students from Africa. I am interested in studying the challenges and experiences of students from Africa studying abroad as they endeavour to a cross-cultural experience, including language barrier, exposure to cultural difference and world views, and resulting in an educational experience on academic and personal levels. Through the use of face to face interviewing, surveys, and detailed questionnaires, I will be monitoring 10-20 international students from Africa who are studying in university in Australia.

2 Outline – main research question, significance and aims of the research Research Question
My objective is to undertake research on what are the challenges that African international students are facing when participating in higher education in Australia. It is an area which I am very much interested in as part of my degree in Bachelor of Community Welfare. Significance

This research question would undergo through various research activities with international students currently studying at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. The research topic I have chosen deeply relates to my culture, my background and the field that I am currently studying. It would add great value towards my understanding in community welfare amongst international students from Africa, and how I can improve and solve the problems related to this topic in the future. Aims of the research

The aim of my research is to find out what are the difficulties and problems that African international students are currently experiencing in University of Western Sydney (UWS). To understand the challenges that the international students are facing at UWS. We are going to distinguish the common problems amongst African international students. Once we have a better understanding in the challenges that international students from Africa are experiencing, we can then provide a better strategy and create possible solutions to minimise the issue. 3 Background Research

Africa is a second largest continent and second most populous continent after Asia. Africa has countries such as Sudan and Nigeria being perceived as one of the most critical country with major poverty and poor education issues, as well as other social problems (Thorbecke, 2013). Over the past decade, Australia has accepted more than 22,000 Sudanese refugees through its Australian Humanitarian Program (Department of Immigration and Citizenship, 2008). As I have been preparing for my research topic in the past months, I have interacted with interesting international students from Africa who have confronted issues of cross cultural experiences and cultural shock while studying abroad here in Australia. There are many studies that has been done in the past, in particular from Hebbani, Obijiofor & Bristed (2012), Acculturation challenges that confront Sudanese former refugees in Australia, which indicated issues such as language barrier and discrimination and how it affected individual at personal level. We will also use Pederson’s (1995) theory to establish the different cultural shock stages which our participants are experiencing during their time here in the university. While I have referenced Hebbani, Obijiofor & Bristed’s approach as an inspiration for monitoring the progress of my focus group and myself, I intend to incorporate my own progress in a more personal and detailed manner. I will be applying Walter’s (2013) technique in social research methods, composing detailed log on regular basis in order to situate myself within the template of the variables, specifically as a second...
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