Requirements for a New System

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B- Suppose you are going to build a new system that automates or improves the interview process for the career services department of your school. Develop a requirements definition for the new system. Include both functional and non-functional system requirements. Pretend you will release the system in three different versions. Prioritize the requirements accordingly. Answer:

Function requirement:
1- Career service personal post each company interview schedule on the system 2- Schedule resave one and only one interview slot per company 3- Student may be change their interview reservation until the day before the interview 4- Confirmation of interview reservation sent to student by 24 hours prior to interview Version2:

1- If an interview schedule is fall, student may be register on waiting list 2- If pointing appear on interview schedule, student on waiting list are notified by email Version3:
1- Student may register their specific qualifications and when a company seeking those qualifications opens an interview schedule, the student is notified by email

Non-Function requirement:
1- System is accessible via web browser
2- System integrates with the resume-posting system and job listing system Operational:
1- System is real-time interview reservation are immediately reflected in the interview schedule 2- System available 24 hours a day whenever university is in session Security:
1- Only student registered with career service have accesses to system 2- Student can choose to be identified by name on schedule or by some of other identified Cultural and political:
1- Student can make only two change to their interview reservation per company 2- If student fails to appear of schedule interview he/she will be dropped from any other schedule interview they may have

C- Describe in very general terms the as-is business process for registering for classes at your university. What BPA technique would you use to...
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