Quality Management in Business

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The term Quality management in business determines the quality of products or goods that produced in any business organization for the customers and that is why it is vital for any kind of business or service organization. Quality management emphasis on the ways those are used in improving and controlling quality. Quality control management intended to identify and prevent products those contains faults from reaching customers. Since the foundation of Toyota, it has been successfully carried out its quality control activities in a steadfast manner and it results in the top ratings from their customers. Toyota uses some key principles to maintain their quality control management system and those principles are such as, 'Customer First', 'Quality First' Go & see at the scene', and these principles were established and imposed when the Toyota company was founded. TASK 1

Examine the concepts of quality in Toyota and discuss what drive Toyota to meet the customer requirements and quality. The improvement of products and work quality in the production and distribution by listening to "Voice of the customer" is the core concept behind Toyota's quality control activities. When there was a merger between the ‘Toyota Motor Co., Ltd’ and ‘Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd.’ in 1982 in order to forming the new ‘Toyota Motor Corporation’, and for the customer’s assistance some operations that had been carried out by various departments then to satisfy customers were unified in order to establishing the ‘Customer Relations Division’. The Toyota Company tries it’s best to ensure the enhanced satisfaction to their customers by delivering "Voice of the customer" to the relevant appropriate departments and also by utilizing this principle for the improvement of both customer support & satisfaction and the quality of their products and works. Number of Customer Reviews Received Annually (in Japan):

How quality is measured in meeting the customer requirements in general. Measuring customer satisfaction and requirements is incredibly vital for both products and services development as well as for improving Toyota Company’s support. A satisfied customer is one who will continuously buy from your company, seldom shop around rather than your company. When management of Toyota company are going to analyze and improve customer’s satisfactions and requirements they have to follow some measurements to measure their customer’s requirements and those are : •Perceived quality of products

Loyalty to customers
Attribution satisfactions
Intention to purchase again
Let’s have a discussion over those measurements that Toyota company uses in measuring their customer’s requirements: 1. Perceived Quality of products

It is generally believed by the Toyota Company’s management that dissatisfaction of customers is identical to purchase regret while customer satisfaction is connected to positive ideas of customers about produced products. Toyota Company’s managements suggest they need to have a strong read and concept on their overall quality of products and services, particularly as it important to fulfilling customers’ requirements on a regular basis and making the sense that Toyota Company is reliable. 2. Loyalty to customers

The most vital thing is to know that Toyota’s NPS score is highly interrelated with how frequently a customer is to continue to purchase from Toyota, so it’s very important to Toyota Company to consider.
 3. Attribution Satisfaction

One of the best ways to measure the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a certain product or service is to frame some questions in the context of some specific attributes. The Toyota Company understands it is their job to identify, define and develop measurements for each attribute that is connected to a customer’s satisfaction.
 4. Intention to Repurchase

There is a sample question that, “Do Toyota’s customers are intend to repurchase from Toyota Company when their subscription...
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