Psychology 101

Topics: Motivation, Human behavior, Abraham Maslow Pages: 6 (901 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Behavior → Think, Feel, Act
Overt → Seen Action
Covert → Action not seen such as day dreaming

Observation → Hypothesis

Sever Psychopaths
No remorse ( No conscience )

We have senors in our brain that tells us to stop before we do something that will cause remorse

Optimism → rewires brain to be more positive

1879 weant was the first person who decided to study human behavior in the lab World War 1 & 2 → important for the public to be supportive/ tried to convince the public to be supportive using psychological methods

Stimulation. Intervinal. Response
Knowledge – What we know, What we know we don’t know, We don’t know what we don’t know Organism Stimulation – Personal Identifiable characteristics, Internal psychology ( everything internal that triggers feelings), External ( everything outside of the body) Response Stimulations – Past occurrences that effect our present mind

#1 killer in america is the lack of proper diet and exercise


Sigman Froid → to understand human behavior you have to accept the notion that what drives our behavior is irrational, pyscho sexual nature …. show me the child from 0-5 and il show you the adult

3) Ego

Behaviorism → if you want to understand human beings you have to understand that we are the same, we learn by clear laws of learning, everything we do is manipulated and controlled by laws of learning, Most powerful learning is the notion is that we do what we do because of the positive outcome (Motivation)

Behavior followed by positive consequence

cognitive psych → what most influences our behavior is what we think.

Depression is self demeaning → futility, hopelessness, suffering

Carl Roberts, Humes

Humanists – most positive. They believe that we all by nature are goodness and we all what to self actualize which means to me all that we can become ( today is the first day of the rest of your life)

unconditional reagard, conditional regard.
Society wants us to be good in culture.

Phenomenal logical No one sees the world the way you do.

Pyscho biological school of thought- nervous system, medical

Belmental psychology- the field that tracks from birth to death the unfolding of genetic patterns

sociocultural – reports that a major influence on us is our culture.

Chapter One Review For Test

Covert → Day Dreaming, Cant observe
Overt →

Goals of Pysch
To understand behavior, Benifiting of understanding is for better interations, leads to prediciting the future of their behavior. Predicition leads to controlling

As people we would like to be able to control other people to have a certain outcome from them so we benefit

Understand → Predict → Control

7 schools of theory
Behavior → conditioning, stimulation Response

People can suffer the death of a relationship unconsciously.

Pyscho analytic / dynamic view, frioud → internal unconscious impulsive, irrational

Humanistic → free will , master of self,

Congnopyschology – can change someones thoughts

sociocultural ,

Applied research – put in practice, practical application of research basic research – to find the truth in the universe

common sense reasoning – not proven,

Naturalistic obersvation – watching the natural enviorment. Cannot prove cause and effect

Correlations –

People who are closer in age have more sucessful relationships

experiments- , indipendant/ controlled. → proves cause and effect

Independant – possible cause
Dependant - reaction

placebo- no effect,

Single blind tec- subjects have no sight into whats happening

Case study – person who is different.

Correlation method-

Consider source of the information that is shared.

Ethics in research -

Deiffiniation of pyschology – the stufy of scientific study of behavior and mental process

workplace- industrial...
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