Topics: Gay, LGBT, Discrimination Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Psychological ideas are seen in national headlines every day. In particular, in the state of Arizona, the Governor vetoed a bill against gay people. Why was this bill proposed in the first place? The business leaders who supported the bill were against the gay and lesbian community. The Governor of Arizona, who supports the gay and lesbian community, believes that the bill is unjust because it discriminates against the gay and lesbian community. If this bill had been passed, it would be a clear discriminatory action against the LGBT community.

Those in opposition to the bill stated that, had it been passed, it would allow people to be prejudice on the grounds that there is something wrong with someone practicing a certain religion or lifestyle. Supporters of the bill are prejudiced towards the LGBT community. They want the gay and lesbian community to succumb to conformity, and become like everybody else. The supporters of the bill included business owners, who would have been allowed to make “broader religious exemptions” than anyone else. (Santos, 2014) However, they are making the fundamental attribution error toward the gay community, disliking them because of their sexual preference.

An example of the fundamental attribution error is shown in this article. The people who proposed and supported the bill are making dispositional attributions toward the gay community. The business owners think that the gay community is bad because of its individuals’ personality. Whereas, if they realize that the society accepts gay people, then the business owners would make situational attributions as opposed to personal attributions. Supporters of the bill said it would “allow people to live and work by their religious beliefs” (Santos, 2014). State Senator Steve Yarbrough said that the bill would “prevent discrimination against people who are clearly living out their faith” (as cited in Santos, 2014). By creating dispositional attributions towards the gay...
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