Poisonwood Bible

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Davis, John Ryan
AP English Lit/block 4
Poisonwood Bible Project
2.) Choose one character, and begin this activity by making a list of objects and images associated with the character. Using Sandra Cisneros’s “Abuelito Who” (Below) as the model, write a 23-line poem that conveys the characters most essential traits. Abuelito Who

Sandra Cisneros
Abuelito who throws coins like rainis a doorknob tied to a sour stick and asks who loves himis tired shut the door
who is dough and feathersdoesn’t live here anymore
who is a watch and glass of wateris hiding underneath the bed whose hair is made of furwho talks to me inside my head
is too sad to come downstairs todayis blankets and spoons and big brown shoes who tells me in Spanish you are my diamondwho snores up and down up and down up and down again who tells me in English you are my skyis the rain on the roof that falls like coins whose little eyes are stringasking who loves him

can’t come out to playwho love him who?
sleeps in his little room all night and day
who used to laugh like the letter k
is sick
2.) Write five newspaper headlines that describe conflicts (their causes and effects) in the novel. Be sure to use a vivid verb in each headline to clearly capture the action. The headlines can be of interest in the village (microcosm) or in the larger setting (macrocosm). Here’s an example to describe conflict in Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison: “Privileged son arrested; outcast aunt humilities herself for him at jail.” (25) Style

1.) Write an epitaph in the form of a heroic couplet for two of the characters. (Look up these terms if needed. No points if you deviate in form from heroic couplet.) What words could appear on this character’s tombstone to accurately describe the character’s life and the character’s growth or change (or lack thereof?) (10) 2.) Reveal the growth and development of one character by writing a hearty paragraph (or two) length description...
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