Physics Week 1 Summary

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Physics 111 Week 1 Summary
Vectors in Physics

Scalar: Has magnitude, no direction. Ex. Distance, speed, time, temperature, charge, energy. Vector: Mathematical quantity with magnitude and direction. Or A


Kinematics – Mathematical description of motion without reference to what causes it. Need 1. Position and 2. Time to describe it.
Instantaneous Velocity = Instantaneous Velocity = magnitude of the instantaneous velocity Acceleration: Rate of change of velocity with time

Instantaneous Acceleration =

Physics 111 Summary Week 2

1D Kinematics

Relax Vector Notation: Direction given by + or –
Position: r  +x or –x
Displacement: 
Velocity v  +v or –v

Acceleration a  +a or –a

Kinematic Equations

Solving Kinematic Problems
1. Draw Diagram
2. List Givens
2. Define Coordinate System
3. Use needed equations and rearrange to solve.

2D Kinematics
-2D vectors for position and velocity.

-The two components (x & y) describe motion that is independent of one another (but related by time). Projectile Motion
-Objects that are thrown which only have the force of acceleration due to gravity act upon it. -Usually solve for time first
-negative air resistance
-acceleration due to gravity is constant downwards g=9.81m/s2 -Earth’s rotation is ignored

-Acceleration in the x-direction is 0m/s2 (Velocity in the x-direction is constant) -Acceleration in the y-direction is 9.81m/s2
Relative Motion

Denoting Relative Velocity: Use Subscripts
Velocity of A relative to B = VAB
Rules: 1. VAB = -VBA
2. VAC = VAB + VBC

Physics Week 4 Summary

Choose a co-ordinate system parallel and perpendicular to the slope so ay = 0.

Apparent Weight
Normal Force > Weight  feels heavier
Normal Force
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