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Topics: Ecosystem, Ecology, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Ecology Discussion Questions

Chapter 40

1. If you are a biologist interested in working in the tropical rainforest, briefly describe a research study you could complete at each level in the biological hierarchy, starting from the organismal level to the biosphere. 2. What are the two abiotic variables that dictate type of terrestrial biome? Do aquatic and marine systems rely on the same two variables? Why or why not? 3. Which of the terrestrial biomes is the most vulnerable to anthropogenic (human) influence and why? What is being affected? 4. Create a table that lists the biome, abiotic variables that are relevant, and examples of organisms that would reside there. 5. Why aren’t species all over the planet? What influences dispersal? 6. What is the value of describing populations using density, dispersion, and demographic information? Be specific and be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the terms. 7. What are the two main population growth models? What organisms may follow those growth models? 8. What factors influence the populations described in #6? How do density-dependent and density-independent factors play a role?

Chapter 41

1. What are the five main types of interspecific interactions discussed in the chapter? Describe each. 2. When interactions result in a negative outcome for one species (e.g. parasitism, predation, herbivory), the species that is affected will typically have a response to prevent that negative outcome. Describe examples of how species respond to these effects. 3. How do invasive species affect the natural populations?

4. What is the difference between a food chain and a food web? 5. What type of ecosystems would likely demonstrate bottom-up control? Top-down control? Why? 6. Is ecological disturbance a bad thing? Why or why not? Give an example to support your answer. 7. How did MacArthur and Wilson demonstrate the connection between area and species richness & diversity?

Chapter 42

1. Why do...
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