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Ped 212 Week 4 Journal

By ShawnLynn4 Mar 27, 2013 750 Words
In the year of 1963, I started school in the first grade. We did not have kindergarten in the little town I lived in. I in Plew, Mo about 12 miles from Carthage Mo, in my first grade we were on one side of the room and the second grade was on the other side. I cannot remember much, but we had a lot of recess time and played for longer periods of time. In 1964 we moved to Pierce City were I spent second grade through 6th grade in the elementary school. We spent a lot of free time out side. Our playground equipment consist of merry-go-arounds, slides, teeter totters, slides, swings, baseball fields, and monkey bars. I remember in 3rd 0r 4th grade my hands slipped and I fall flat on my face. I can remember trying to cover my nose with my shirt because it was all swollen and black and blue. Now, a lot of playground equipment back then is no longer part of todays, playground equipment. For example, the merry-go-arounds, teeter totters, and monkey bar have been removed because too many children were getting hurt. We had balls of all kinds, jump ropes, hop scotch and even played hide-seek. I had three to four friend that stayed in my group to have fun with the activities we chose to play whether they were inside games or outside. However, if it was cold or raining our class had many fun activities that we could play as a group or as individuals. Our gym class was in the lunch room and after lunch was served the tables were folded up and lined against the walls. We had physical education every day. Today, some schools does not have physical education and the ones that do may have PE every other day or maybe half the time that should be allotted by state regulations. According to (Primary Headship, 2008), “teachers at primary schools, the requirements PE hours taught per week has risen from two to five” (p. 1). I n the summer time my family and I loved the outdoors. We played hard as kids back then, we rode our bicycles, play baseball, worked in the garden and went to the lake on the weekends were we have swimming, boating, and water skiing. We always camped down at the water and we had to run or walk the hill to the bathroom after doing this 10 times a day, you could get all the exercise you needed in a day. Today, our young children spend too much time watching t.v., video games, and their high dollar cell phones. When people cut out their physical activities they seem to eat more and this puts weight on our bodies, which leads to many health conditions. Junior High was just up the hill from the elementary school during my 7th and 8th years. We also had PE every day for the full hour and between different schools we had track meet set up. This was my favorite class, and I enjoyed everything that they throw at me. I was very competitive and enjoyed showing my peers and teachers how great I was. Also, my coach was also the boys coach. He was get me out of study hall to compete with the boys. This made the boys upset with the coach because even the boys could not beat me in my running abilities. The coach would say boys are you going to let a girl beat you. I know why Coach Brown did this to the boys team was to get them motivated and to stay focus. A couple of feet away was the High School buildings. This was grades 9th to 12th grade. Again I stayed the best in sports that I truly loved. When it came to basketball and volleyball and baseball we played these at our school during PE time, but we did not compete with other schools. However, a year after graduation our school started completing in these sports for the girls. As far as the boy’s teams they played football, basketball, and baseball in which, they play others school for trophies to add to the schools show case. I graduated in .1975, and shortly after I chose to marry my high school sweetheart

The Primary Headship Article, The PE Primary Challenge: five hours per week. (April, 2008).Retrieved from

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