Past Exam Paper 2009-2010

Topics: Common law, Law, Newspaper Pages: 3 (665 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Main paper 2010 (Answer all questions on paper)
Section A
(1) Outline the facts of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball, what area does it relate to and what principles does it outline? (2) Partridge v Crittenden outlines which contractual principle? (3) What is an invitation to treat? Use cases to back up your answer. (4) What is the postal rule? Use cases to back up your answer. (5) What does ADR stand for? Give examples of the general advantages of ADR. (6) What are main types and related advantages of business formations? (7) Explain the rules of legislative interpretation, starting with the golden rule. (8) What is delegated legislation?

(9) What is a patent?
(10) What are the main differences between civil and criminal law? (11) What relationship does the European Union play in the UK legal system? (12) What is in your view the main case in the law relating to negligence? 60 marks

Section B
Question 1
On Friday, Guitar Heroes, a shop selling guitars, placed an advertisement which read ‘Special Offer: Edge Electric Guitar £10 (original price £1,000) sold to the first 5 customers who send in their cheques.’ But on Tuesday, Guitar Heroes published an advertisement in the same newspaper saying that the special offer has been cancelled. Paul posted a letter responding to the advertisement and enclosing a cheque on Monday. He was one of the first five customers who sent in the cheque. Guitar Heroes received the letter with the cheque on Wednesday and refused to sell the guitar at the advertised price. Advise Paul as to his rights, if any, against Guitar Heroes Ltd. 20 marks

Question 2
Explain the main elements of negligence. Use case law for each of your main assertions. 20 marks

Resit paper 2010 (Answer all questions on paper)
Section A
(1) Mediation is the best form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Discuss. (2) What is intellectual property? Briefly explain one of its elements. (3) What are the main features of case and statutory...
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