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Topics: Epic poetry, Homer, Odyssey Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Foundations of Western Civilization (Part 1): Creation to Fall of Rome C.S. Lewis Academy High School 2011-2012 Susan A. Buck, Instructor| Title of Work| Literary Form| Author’s Worldview| Main Points| Historical Events/Links| Time Period| Battle for Our Minds, R.C. Spraul| Lecture Series| Christian Worldview| God is with His Creation| Modern World Views| Present| Adam and His Kin, Ruth Beechick| Historical Fiction| Christian Worldview| Living in Sin, decedents of Adam | The Bible| 400 BC| Epic of Gilgamesh. Penguin Classics,1960| Epic| Ancient Polytheism| The Human Condition| Mesopotamian | Creation-to Abraham| Book of Job/Hebrews| Sacred Historic Narrative| Judaeo-Christian| Monotheism, God is good| The Leviathan| Post Flood| Iliad, by Homer; Alfred J. Church, 2006| Greek Epic Poem| Greek Myth/Polytheistic| “kleos” (Glory)“time” (Honor)| Trojan Wars| 750 BC| Odyssey,Homer,Fitzg-erald Translation 1961| Greek Epic Poem| Greek Myth/Poly-theistic| Hearth/Home“Xenia”| Trojan Wars| 750 BC| Walls of Windy Troy, MarjorieBraymer1960| Biography| Polytheism| Ancient Ruins/Troy| The Life of Heinrich Shiliemann| 1900s| Antigone, Sophocles| Greek Drama| Greek Myth/Poly-theistic| Loyalty/gods/family | Thebes/Greek Drama Begins| 400 BC (Golden Age)| Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus| Greek Drama| Greek Myth/Poly-theistic| Justice/Punishment| Greek Drama cont.| 400 BC (Golden Age)| Andromache, Euripedes| Greek Drama| Greek Myth/Poly-theistic| TragicFlaw/CatharsisPost-Trojan War | Religious/PoliticalDuty/Greek Drama| 400 BC (Golden Age)| The Trial & Death of Socrates, Four Dialogues, by Plato| Greek Philosophy| Greek Reason/P-olytheism| Proper use of Gov’t/Emerging reason| Athens-EmpireGolden Age of Greece| 427-347 BC Democracy defeated| The World in Literature(Vol 1) Chp- Thucydides| Biography| Polytheism| Life/Funeral Speech of Pericles/ Melian Dialogue|...
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