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It is very significant to create or to have a positive working environment or organizational change for an organization to achieve its goals and objectives successfully. Positive change in an organization does not only focus on its working environment but also improving the performance of the organization. To effect positive change in an organization, it should be regenerated. Regeneration in an organization is not an easy task for a manager as the employees were already formed by the organization’s culture, values, distinctive behavior, and relationship with other people. Full of struggles may happen if the people within an organization will not understand the purpose of it, having cooperation and the spirit of collaboration with the management.

And if I would be a manager, I should be an effective manager having also the qualities of a leader who knows how to influence his people such as what Dessler (2001) says, “Managers should have analytical competence (the ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems), interpersonal competence (the ability to influence, supervise, and lead), and emotional competence (the capacity to be stimulated by emotional and interpersonal crises).” Not only having this kind of qualities but must have the desire to serve and passion to lead with self-confidence, honesty, and integrity. A step by step process will be made in order to achieve the objective of effecting positive change in an organization.

The following are the steps or the things that I would consider to do to effect positive change in an organization: 1. Have a clear vision, mission, and objectives among employees of the organization. This will be explained to all employees and will be set as a guide to have a clear picture in mind and understand the purpose why they are here in this organization, what are their duties and responsibilities as part of the team or organization, the...
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