Observing Nonverbal Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact, Facial expression Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: June 20, 2013
I watched a television program last night with many instances of nonverbal communication. Similar to real life conversation, TV programming conversation uses just about as much nonverbal communication. Below are a few of the instances that stood out to me while watching.

In the first instance, an employer comes into the employees’ work space and addresses 2 of the main characters. The employer is clearly dressed for a higher position (self-preservation) and she is standing upright about 3 feet from the employees’ work station and speaks in a very assertive, yet monotone voice as she addresses her employees. (Distance is at a social zone and her voice is neutral, as to not give away the good news she is about to tell her employees’) She is giving them an invitation to work at a very exclusive work event. Although the employees’ are surprised, they have to maintain a professional attitude in front of their superior. They keep straight faces and thank their supervisor for the opportunity (facial expression – masking). After the supervisor leaves, the employees look at each other, and without saying anything, shrug their shoulders, give big smiles, and raise their hands for a “high 5” (their body movements explain all their excitement. (+)

In another segment of the show, a girl and a guy are sitting at a bar chatting and having a cocktail. As they are sitting very close and facing each other (facial expression), you can tell that they are a serious dating couple. (They are sitting within the intimate zone distance) More of their body movement also gives away their close relationship, as he gently strokes her hair and she massages his arm (touch) as they discuss they day’s events (voice). At one point, she begins to tell him about her job promotion, trying to make eye contact with him, all the while, his eyes are wondering around the bar, hardly listening to her. He is clearly uninterested in what she is saying (eye movements and body movements illustrate...
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