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Team Leadership Model
This model provides a mental road map to help the leader diagnose team problems and take appropriate action to correct these problems. Hills model of team leadership Figure 12.1 is based on the functional leadership claim that the leader’s job is to monitor the team and then take whatever action is necessary to ensure team effectiveness. Leadership Decisions

Figure 12.1 lists the major decisions a leader needs to make when determining whether and how to intervene to improve team functioning. List of decisions to be made:
Whether it is appropriate to continue to monitor the team
Decide whether a task or relational intervention is needed
Next is to decide to intervene on a internal level(within the team) or external level( in the teams’ environment). Leadership Decisions 1
Should I monitor the team or take action (Figure 12.2)
Monitor or take action to help the team
In order to make a choice leaders need to monitor both internal and external enviroments to gather information Fleishman described to initial phases:
Information search (gained through feedback and surveys)
Structuring(How to act)
Team members can help with internal environment
Action mediating is also important for leadership(right actions) Leadership Decisions 2
Should I intervene to meet task or relational needs?
The study of small groups have had two criticial leadership functions: Task
Superior team leader ship focuses on both task and maintenance functions. Leadership Decisions 3
Should I intervene internally or externally?
Internal actions (for examples with team problems)
External actions (for example outside factors affecting teams) Leadership Actions
Hill’s model lists a number of specific leadership actions that can be performed internally (task, relational) and externally (environmental). To be an effective leader on e needs to respond with the action that is required for the situation. Internal Task Leadership...
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