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Topics: Management, Stairway, Problem Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Theme: Communication breakdown

1) Insight: Complex bureaucracy

The cluttered objects in the picture portray a sense of messiness which reflects the idea that the whole DMRT is a complex bureaucracy that makes internal communication difficult. This has worsened the aftermath impact of the train breakdowns. This can be seen from the fact that on the day of the train breakdown on 15th December 2012, calls by train officers to command office were unanswered even though it was at a critical juncture in time and furthermore, instructions were passed down but no reasons were given leading to widespread confusion not only among commuters but also among SMRT staff. This seem to suggest that there is a certain degree of complexity regarding operations within SMRT which could be attributed to its large organisational structure.

A possible solution could be to invest more time and money into crisis management and preparation in the event of train breakdown reoccurring. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Transport/Story/A1Story20120716-359362.html

Lack Of Communications/interactions:
The picture seems to suggest that there is a lack of interaction among the characters and there is no clear indication where the upper and lower levels are, showing no clear path from the bottom to the top of the building and vice versa. The insight seems to suggest the communication problem (lack of internal communication) that SMRT is facing. This is due to the lack of a well defined communication structure that hampered the effective communication among SMRT. This is evident from an article which mentioned that during a breakdown incident, the train manager himself was unaware about what was going on when commuters ask him why they had to detrain.


Solutions to complex bureaucracy and lack of communication: From the picture, we can see that there is 2 person (one climbing up the stairs, one...
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