Nigerian Feeds and Feedstuffs

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ANN 502


Nigerian Feeds and Feedstuffs


2 Units


2 Hours

Course Coordinator:
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Dr. Richard Abayomi Sobayo
Department of Animal Nutrition
Prof. Daisy Eruvbetine, Dr. Abimbola Oladele Oso
Dr. Adebayo Olusoji Oni

Survey of Nigerian feeds and feedstuffs. Classification of feeds into roots, tubers, cereals, roughages, etc. chemistry and processing of livestock feed, their storage, quality evaluation. Feeding standard and ration formulation for various classes of livestock. Toxic and antinutritional factors in feeds. Alternative feedstuff. Feed

This is a compulsory course for all final year students of College of Animal Science and Livestock Production. This course is being offered in lecture format on-campus for 14 weeks, students are expected to attend lectures and practical classes, 2 hours of lecture per week. Students are expected have minimum of 75% attendance to be able to write the final examination.

The course grade will be based on 1 exams, CAT and practical work.


Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding, W.G. Pond, D.C. Church and K.R. Pond, Wiley, Fourth Edition, 1995

Nigeria is blessed with vast range of feed resources such as grains, oilseeds and agro industrial by-products which could be used in the formulation of good quality livestock feed.

These local available feed resources in Nigeria have potential to support a

flourishing livestock industry. However, these potentials are grossly under -utilized by the farmers resulting in a depressed livestock industry, thus making it second to crop production in Nigeria.

This low capacity feed resources utilization could be linked to inadequate information based on location and localization of feed resources, processing, preservation/storage and quality enhancement/assessment. On the other hand, it is associated with long time dependence by major players in livestock industry on conventional and imported feed resources while cheap local feed resources suffer a great neglect and low patronage.

Nutrition can be defined as the science involving various chemical and physiological activities which transform feed elements (nutrients) into body elements and activities. Nutrition is the process of anabolism, assimilating or transforming food into living tissue. It is called constructive metabolism or tissue building and the cells in the body ar e responsible for the transformation into different tissues. Nutrition can be defined as the sum of the processes whereby an organism provides itself or it is provided with the materials (nutrients) necessary for energy release, growth, repair, various secretions, storage, transport, maintenance of internal osmotic and pH environment. It is the science 2

that deals with the interaction between the animal body and its food supply with the ultimate aim of providing a fully adequate food supply for any type of internal and external uses. It involves the ingestion, digestion, transportation, absorption and assimilation of the various nutrients and their transportation to all body cells and the removal of unusable elements/by-products and waste products of metabolism. Nutrition, in essence, aims at providing all essential nutrients in adequate amounts and in optimum proportions. In other words, nutrition is the scientific way of how feed/food is used by the body man, rabbit and farm animals. Nutrition is one of the major constraints to survival and satisfactory productivity of livestock in this country. Feeds and feeding constitute about 65-75% of total production cost in intensive livestock production e.g. poultry and pig production, the ability to judiciously ma nipulate...
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