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Topics: Logic, Theory of multiple intelligences, Fallacy Pages: 26 (4423 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Term on a Page" (Chapter 4)
A "Term on a Page" is a calendar that shows the entire school term on one page. Use it to see the big picture of all your commitments for the semester.

absolutes (Chapter 10)
words like always, never, and entirely that often make a statement false in a true-false question

academic (Chapter 1)
having to do with education

academic advisor (Chapter 1)
Academic advisors are counselors or faculty members who help students plan their coursework and help them choose specific classes.

academic discipline (Chapter 12)
a branch of learning, instruction, or emphasis

accountability (Chapter 10)
understanding the consequences of doing a good job or a poor one

acronym (Chapter 8)
a short word made up of the first letters of a longer phrase; a mnemonic device

adaptability skills (Chapter 11)
flexibility; how well you cope with change and solve problems as they come up

adequacy (Chapter 5)
having enough information; a condition of a sound argument

alternating (Chapter 4)
a rebalancing strategy in which concentrated doses of important parts of life are alternated, rather than handled at the same time

analogy (Chapter 8)

analytical decision-making style (Chapter 5)
This decision-making style emphasizes a logical approach. Analyticals search carefully for the best decision, and they sometimes get hung up with overanalyzing things and take too long to finally make a decision. They are sometimes considered to be impersonal because they may be more interested in the problem than in the people who have it. But they are good at working with data and doing careful analysis.

analyze (Chapter 10)
break into separate parts and examine or discuss each part

aptitude (Chapter 2)
natural ability

argument (Chapter 5)
An argument is a line of reasoning that uses evidence to persuade.

assertions (Chapter 10)
statements you claim to be true

assumptions (Chapter 5)
things you take for granted

attention management (Chapter 4)
Attention management is the ability to focus your attention on a designated activity so that you produce a desired result.

attitude (Chapter 2)
state of mind or mental position

behavioral (Chapter 10)

behavioral decision-making style (Chapter 5)
This decision-making style emphasizes people. Behaviorals enjoy people and the social aspects of work. They use their feelings to assess situations, communicate well, and are supportive of others. On the other hand, they are sometimes seen as wishy-washy or are criticized because they can’t make hard decisions or can’t say no.

bias (Chapter 8)
based on your own personal feeling or belief

blogs (Chapter 6)
Blogs/b> can be thought of as online journals. Or you can think of them as websites that someone changes every day. Your instructors may post a question or comment and ask you to blog your responses online and to respond to your classmates’ blogs. And professional blogs can be a great way to stay current on the career you go into.

bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (Chapter 3)
the capacity to use your whole body or parts of it to solve a problem, make something, or put on a production (“body smart”)

bookmark (Chapter 6)
a way to save and organize websites in your web browser

bundling (Chapter 4)
a rebalancing strategy in which two or more activities are combined so that they can be done at once

career (Chapter 13)
a profession you've chosen and prepared for

certificate program (Chapter 1)
a targeted program of coursework that focuses on learning skills for a specific career, usually completed in a year or less

chronological (Chapter 13)
arranging information in time order beginning with the most recent job

claim (Chapter 5)
a statement that can be true or false, but not both (A claim needs evidence to support it.)

co-op programs (Chapter 13)
Co-op programs allow you to take classes and then apply what...
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