Music Appreciation

Topics: Johann Sebastian Bach, Music, Baroque music Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: July 12, 2012
Types of Listeners

Casual Listeners
Most common
Likes having music playing, filling the environment with sounds •Views music primarily as a mood enhancer or as pleasant part of the environment •Johann Sebastian Bach - Air from Suite No.3 in D major

oSlow and relaxing pace – often used for meditation

Referential Listeners
Relate music almost exclusively to outside experiences
These external references are so strong that the music is not really heard anymore; instead, the listener is caught up in the memories of the person, event, or feeling •Program music – follows an explicit story

Absolute music – does not associate with a particular story, event, or image •Hector Berlioz – Episode of an Artist Life
oidée fixe—an idea that continually haunts the artist

Critical Listeners
Primary motivation is to identify what is wrong with a performance •Even want live performances to be perfect

Perceptive Listeners
Combines all three previous but is not limited by them
Like the casual listener, enjoys sound for sound's sake, but asks: oWhat is it in the music that makes me feel this way?
oIs it the way the performer is interpreting the music?
oIs it because of the volume or speed at which it is played? oIs it because it is sung, played by instruments, or because it has a good balance of unity and variety? oIs it a combination of all these elements?

oIf so, which combination is at work?
Like the referential listener, may have associations with the music being heard, but also tries to remember: oWhen and where the music was heard most recently.
oWhat other works from that composer or performer she knows. •Like the critical listener, is aware of the quality of a performance but goes beyond the technical aspects to seek understanding and appreciation of the human and cultural values embodied in the music •Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (Winter)
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