Love Is a Mixtape

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Maiya Singleton
Mr. Burlingame
Love is a Mix Tape essay
By: Rob Sheffield

“The playback: late night, Brooklyn, a pot of coffee, and a chair by the window. I’m listening to a mix tape from 1993.” This is Sheffield first line in his story of how his life is the connection to not only the world but the love of his life. The love of music is a connection most everyone finds themselves having. Rob Sheffield’s book Love is a Mix Tape connects his passion for music and the only other thing that meant just as much to him, his wife Renee. Sheffield has mix tapes to remind him of every part of his life that’s worth remembering not only alone but of the life he spent with Renee. Rob and Renee were two totally different people. Rob was an Irish Catholic geek from Boston, and Renee was a country girl three months older than Rob. They grew up living two totally different lives with the same passion for one thing, Music. “We had nothing in common, except we both loved music. It was the first connection we had, and we depended on it to keep us together. We did a lot of work to meet in the middle. Music brought us together. So now music was stuck with us.” Sheffield pg. 6.

“Nothing connects to the moment like music” Sheffield pg. 12. This sentence in the book is nothing but true. Most people remember the memories they’ve had or the time something took place because of the song they heard or were listening to during that event. Many of times I have related things to music and brought the musical connection into my life. Sheffield talks about how there were many of different mix tapes for different things like tapes for making out, dancing, falling asleep, doing the dishes and even walking the dog. I can personally connect to what he is stating because I have a playlist for most of the things I do: working out, driving in my car, “depressing” playlist, playlists for certain concerts I’m going to, shower playlist and so many more. I believe people have these...
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